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Created in 2005 by a young college senior, Bermuda Triangle Vintage clothes and bags, started as a small collection of great vintage finds from local Atlanta thrift stores. Currently our collection features a variety of women’s vintage clothes from the 1940-1980’s. Bermuda Triangle features vintage handbags, hats, accessories, and vintage suitcases. To open another creative window, Bermuda Triangle also features personally styled accessories, including decoupage suitcases and handbags, and handcrafted jewelry. By adding a new coat of paint, newspaper clippings, unique photos, magazine clippings and house hold items such as nails and buttons, Bermuda Triangle Vintage Clothes and Bags transforms vintage items into functional artwork and accent pieces. The Bermuda Triangle brand follows the theme “old threads, new trends.” Simply meaning the clothes are from a different era but they are still trendy and ready to wear.  To expose the Bermuda Triangle brand to more of the DMV area, we recently purchased a 1969 VW bus. Beginning this summer we will be setting up our pop-up booth at various fleas markets all over the city. So take out your maps, get out your compasses and click the on the "follow the bus" link to check out what locations near you we will be visiting next.


These are a few items in our vintage collection.

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